Stylish Social Events

Stylish Social Events

Savvy Club clients appreciate fine style. That’s why we organise a wide variety of stylish social events for busy professionals.

We not only enjoy the best theatre seats in London, we meet first for elegant nibbles and drinks and then maybe supper at the final curtain. When we try our hand at sport, we visit Ascot Park Polo Club and learn to play with the top international players. We shoot our clay-pigeons from the deck of a fine ship as we sail along the Thames. We sip our Savvy cocktails at London’s leading bars. Our dinner parties are held in the finest restaurants in the South East.

We believe in style not pretension. We think formality is fine when the occasion demands, but never formality without friendliness. We know that impeccable planning is the key to success for every Savvy social event.

Keep updated. Once a month we’ll send you a short email with news of our latest exclusive events. We will also occasionally alert you to any special offers and imminent events. Privacy statement

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